Jewelry is Personal



Jewelry is personal. You can own the same piece as someone else but how you wear it or layer it makes it look completely different.

At Floyd & Green, we carry a variety of traditional, vintage and on-trend styles. Our signature fashion designers—John Hardy, Lagos & Ippolita—mix and match well, so you can add pieces from each collection and achieve a look that’s unique and very wearable.

Convertible pieces are a fabulous trend that Floyd & Green now offers. One great example is John Hardy’s Remix Transformable necklace, which can be worn long, short and even as two bracelet styles, by disconnecting several sections. Adjustable pieces like this make updating your look as easy as unhooking a single clasp.

Floyd & Green invites you to visit our newly renovated store and experience first-hand the joy of owning styles that suit your personality perfectly. Our relaxing atmosphere makes shopping enjoyable, and our staff always encourages you to take your time and try on as many pieces as you like.